Birth : 4th of April 1988
Hometown : Kihei, Hawaii
Resides : Santa Cruz, California
Sponsors : Assault Skateboards, Gulling Trucks, Speed Lab Wheels, Knowgood Hardware, ANVL Brand Clothing, Skate Works, Guayaki, Airspeed Footwear





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Last skate trip – Skate Works trip to Corning, CA

Last trick you tried – No comply kick flip on a 4 block.

Last injury – I had to get a screw in my left ring finger. Then I fell right after getting surgery, tried to protect my surgery finger and ended up breaking my pinkie.

Current set up – Assault Hammer 8.5, Gulling shadows, Speed Lab blots, Knowgood hardware, and Red’s bearings.

Last time you had a good chuckle – Why is corn hard of hearing? It has too much husk in its ear.

Last thing you bought – Steak and swiss sandwich.

Last song you obsessed with – “Stay With Me” – Rod Stewart

Last movie you liked – Gaurdians of the Galaxy

Best shoe you’ve skated – The original Rowleys. I loved those as a kid.

Last stupid accomplishment – Fixing a garbage disposal.

Biggest pet peeve – People messing with me while I’m sleeping.

Best recent trend – Everything involving the word ratchet.

Worst recent trend – Everything involving the word ratchet.

New Years resolution – Eat a whole pizza while laying on my couch watching movies.

Biggest celeb crush – Danny Devito

Last fight – I don’t get into fights.

Last words – Do what you gotta can…..

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