Birth : 2nd of June 1979
Hometown : Liverpool, UK
Resides : Huntington Beach, CA
Sponsors : Airspeed Footwear, Reliance Skateboards, Truth Soul Armor, Independent trucks, Rocket Wheels, Ninja bearing, Furnace, and Fender



Last skate video that changed your life – “Pretty Sweet” had some amazing skating in it. I have watched Guy Mariano’s part over and over and it makes me want to skate everytime. Something amazing about a guy who has been around as long as him, who has been in and out of skating and can still be original and motivate others to have fun

Last skate trip – Down to San Diego to skate Svitak’s ramp. Nice and tight with pool coping so more of a slash session. Oh and bringing my kids always motivates.

Last trick you tried – Working on 360 flip 50-50s a bit on things. Would like to 360 flip into different tricks as it has never really been one of my tricks.

Last injury – Heel bruises are normally common. Those or hot pockets from jumping down things or landing wrong. In all my years of skating I have been knocked out a few times, but have bent and bruised my ankles many times.

Last trick in a video that blew your mind – The whole of Guys part, as I said. Nyjah and David Gonzales had some amazing tricks recently too. Last spot you discovered : Right by my house on Beach there is a ledge from a parking lot into the street. Looks like it has some wax on it too so looking to go and session it soon.

Last spot you discovered – Right by my house on Beach there is a ledge from a parking lot into the street. Looks like it has some wax on it too so looking to go and session it soon.

Last set up – Airspeed Sumners, maroon. Seriously these are the best skate shoes I have ever skated in, amazing. Board is a Reliance Sumner, Jesus stomping satan’s head deck. 8.25 – 32. Trucks are always 149 indy’s which are almost ground down to the axles… Wheels are 53 mm Bones Gravette’s, Jessup griptape, Swiss bearings I believe.

Last country you visited – England to visit my mother who has been very sick. I took my 12 year old son for his first time and it snowed like crazy. Good to see my family again.

Last inspiration – Everyday Jesus Chris is my inspiration. Romans 8:28-29. My dad is a big hero to me because of how he worked hard and still even as my mother is sick, takes care of her with all that he has.

Last time you had a good laugh – Raw coconut cheesecake at Mothers. Amazing as it is natural. Went to my friend Damins BBQ and I ate most of this on the way.

Last thing you bought – Today when my two year old son Jude was hitting my friends goat with a twig. As I am telling him to stop, he is telling me “I have to”… I stopped him but his responses were funny.

Last song you obsessed with – Mac Montgomery and The Family Band “It amazes me”. Love that they just get instruments and start worshipping and praising. Lots of music out there but music that fulfills its purpose is the best.

Last movie you liked – Watching “The Bible” on the History channel right now. Its amazing, sharing our past.

Last shoe that blew your mind – Honeslty The Sumner. I can’t believe how good it is to skate in, and that people can buy it for $26 dollars. Feels good to know the kids can have more pairs of shoes to skate in at that price.

Last stupid thing you did – Being me, so could be many things daily, but big time thing would be skating a mini ramp on my friends wifes cruiser board while I am wearing boots. Could of ended up bad, but all good.

Last pet peeve – Cops who don’t indicate when they turn. They suddenly change lanes and stop as if we known what is happening. I get that police need to get things done but to some mother driving with her kids behind them to have to slam on the breaks or rear end, I think the wedding finger could simply pop the switch and let her know.

Last good trend – Hmm, not sure there are good trends, we all want to be original while we all end up looking like everyone else. Look around, by everyone trying to be so different we have all become the same again. Good trend would be retro video games, who doesn’t like a good game of “Double Dragon”…

Last trend you hate – Sinning, the world glorifies it and people continue to live in pain and hurt because of it. Its presented as so much fun through media while all the time the results can be so dangerous.

Last resolution – Dying to self, less of me and more of Him…

Last time you cook – Ages ago and it would of been “beans on toast”… Maybe some kind of Spaghetti’Os…

Last crush – My wife, because love will always leave you crushing on the woman your married, if its love.

Last dream – Think I had lied to someone I loved and so it bummed me out.

Last fight – Hmm, not in some years but lots of people trying me, especially while driving. Numerous conversations on the roads or parking lots that led to me telling folks to back off and go get in the car. I am not good with people getting in my face because I was raised in a city where once someone gets in your face you are about to get punched or headbutted. I do all I can to get away from those situations now.

Last person you want have to meet – Hmm, there are people I look forward to meeting in Heaven but as far as all time, of course it will be Jesus.

Last words – Life is just a vapor, today is the day of salvation, Jesus Saves! Have fun skating and I hope you enjoy the shoes.

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