Birth : 4th of September 1993
Hometown : Leucadia, California
Resides : Vista, California
Sponsors : Landshark Wheels, 1031 Skateboards, Mindless, Aura Training Facility, Airspeed





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Last vid part that blew you away? – Chris Troy – God save the label or any Cory Kennedy part.

Last skate trip – San Fran with the Mindless homies.

Last trick you tried – Learning ollie one foot to feebles.

Last injury – Cracked wrist.

Last spot you discovered – Probably some weird ditch spot.

Current set up – 8.25 1031 board, Landshark 51mm side cuts, Theeve trucks 147s, Bones reds bearings, Shorty headware, Mob grip tape.

Last inspiration – Any time one of my friends goes hard at a spot gets me pretty pumped.

Last time you had a good laugh – My buddy Tom at work always.

Last thing you bought – American Spirit smokes and McDonalds.

Last song you obsessed with – Any Witchcraft song on repeat.

Last movie you liked – Any Tarantino film.

Best shoe you’ve skated – I’ve always skated Converse Allstars. All time favorite.

Last stupid accomplishment – Remembering to put on deodorant.

Biggest pet peeve – People with bad table manners.

Best recent trend – Psych music.

Worst recent trend – The “listen to vol 4” thing is kinda lame.

New Years resolution – Stop running out of money so fast.

Last time you cooked and what was it – I cook all day everyday. Name it, I can cook it. Gourmet mac and cheese from scratch

Biggest celeb crush – Sahara Ray

Last fight – Stoops

Last words – My instagram is @skatanic_worship, check out the homies ripping.

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