Birth : 18th of November 1994
Hometown : Cherryville, North Carolina
Resides : Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Sponsors : Old School Skateboards, NS Bearings, RIXOR Clothing, Airspeed Footwear, Monster Energy Drinks, and Mental Limited Skates, Steezy Grip, HB Wax Co., Real World Hard Wear






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Last vid part that blew you away? – Chris Joslin’s True part!

Last skate trip – Atlanta, Georgia

Last trick you tried – Inward heel sex change.

Last injury – Rolled ankle.

Last spot you discovered – Flat bar in the middle of nowhere.

Current set up – Old School deck, Old School wheels, Airspeed Cores, NS bearings, Silver trucks and Old School hard wear.

Last inspiration – Neil under 65 year old skateboarder.

Last time you had a good laugh – A meme a friend posted.

Last thing you bought – Food!!!

Last song you obsessed with – All music is great!

Last movie you liked – Unfriended

Best shoe you’ve skated – DC Mike Moes

Last stupid accomplishment – Won a free week gym membership.

Biggest pet peeve – Cereal milk left in a kitchen sink!

Best recent trend – Shorts

Worst recent trend – Tight jeans

New Years resolution – Keep shredding.

Last time you cooked and what was it – Microwave pasta.

Biggest celeb crush – Misty Yelton Lane. she is a celeb in my book.

Last fight – No recent ones

Last words – Skateboarding is life! Enjoy it!

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