Birth : 22nd of April 1997
Hometown : Leucadia, California
Resides : Leucadia, California
Sponsors : Rove Skateboards, Aura Training Facility, Yea.Nice., Airspeed Footwear





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Last vid part that blew you away? – Shep Dawgs vol. 4

Last skate trip – San Francisco

Last trick you tried – Front crook a ledge.

Last injury – Had a brain injury, at Woodward skate camp.

Last spot you discovered – Dope banks.

Current set up – Rove skateboard with Paradox grip tape, Thunder trucks, Bones bearings, ztuntz wheels.

Last inspiration – YOLO

Last time you had a good laugh – When Hunter put his phone on my car and I drove away.

Last thing you bought – Gas and a drink.

Last song you obsessed with – Berner by Clear.

Last movie you liked – Lucy.

Best shoe you’ve skated – Stefan Janoskis

Last stupid accomplishment – Learning back side airs in pools.

Biggest pet peeve – Mongo pushing.

Best recent trend – Mouse grip tape.

Worst recent trend – Short shorts for men.

New Years resolution – To go on a dope skate trip.

Last time you cooked and what was it – Carne asada tacos with my boy Hunter.

Biggest celeb crush – Hanna Montana.

Last fight – With a rail…. The rail won.

Last words – Hunter Mannering is the illest.

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