Birth : 30th of January 1992
Hometown : Richmond, Virginia
Resides : Richmond, Virginia
Sponsors : 1031 Skateboards, Landshark Wheels, Gullwing Trucks, Airspeed Footwear






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Last vid part that blew you away? – JohnRob Moore – A Happy Medium 2

Last skate trip – New York City

Last trick you tried – Front Smith some rail.

Last injury – Fell over the handlebars of my bike and broke my face.

Last spot you discovered – Handrail in the hood.

Current set up – 8.25 1031 team deck, Gull Wings, 53mm Landshark side cuts, Black Magic griptape, Black Panther bearings.

Last inspiration – Caswell Berry recovering from his groin area injury.

Last time you had a good laugh – Laughing at my crazy roommates.

Last thing you bought – Breakfast

Last song you obsessed with – Devil’s Hand – I Don’t Believe You

Last movie you liked – Fargo.

Best shoe you’ve skated – All of Svitak’s shoes.

Last stupid accomplishment – Waking up this morning.

Biggest pet peeve – So many things I can’t even start.

Best recent trend – I don’t know.

Worst recent trend – Too many things to count.

New Years resolution – Live harder.

Last time you cooked and what was it – Frozen Pizzas

Biggest celeb crush – Kristen Stewart

Last fight – Accidentally punched someone in the face one time.

Last words – One thing at a time.

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