Birth : 1st of May 1996
Hometown : Carlsbad, California
Resides : Encinitas, California
Sponsors : Airspeed Footwear





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Last vid part that blew you away? – Rowan Zorilla’s part in Propeller

Last skate trip – Los Angeles, CA

Last trick you tried – Big Spin front board slide

Last injury – Heel bruise

Last spot you discovered – A ditch in Oregon

Current set up – 8.4 Deathwish deck, Independent trucks, Bone Swiss bearings, OJ wheels, MOB grip

Last inspiration – Practice makes perfect

Last time you had a good laugh – Looking through old photo’s with my homie

Last thing you bought – Share size skittles and a soda

Last song you obsessed with – “Fancy Footwork” by Chromeo

Last movie you liked – Pulp Fiction

Best shoe you’ve skated – Emerica

Last stupid accomplishment – Tying a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue

Biggest pet peeve – Someone with bad breath

Best recent trend – Old electronic music

Worst recent trend – Selfie sticks

New Years resolution – Cut back on soda

Last time you cooked and what was it – 3 weeks ago, made burgers for the homies

Biggest celeb crush – Jennifer Aniston

Last fight – Never been in a fight or brawl

Last words – I’m coming out with a part soon. So go check out my Instagram: @dah_fishh

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